Announcing Yellow Road Model & Requirements For IDO Participation

Yellow Road is positioned to become a leading IDO platform in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. We are sure that believers of BSC-based crypto projects will come in huge numbers to own a stake in the projects that conduct IDO on our platform. And we want to offer every interested investor at Yellow Road a fair opportunity to invest in the IDOs we conduct.

We are therefore thrilled to announce the Yellow Road Models that will create a fair opportunity for all participants.

The Models were designed by the best brains from economical psychologists, game theory experts, and the expert team of Yellow Road. It is custom-designed to ensure that no one can cheat the system and the selection of investors is truly unbiased and merit-based.

Below, we have a detailed explanation of the program.

Token Holders’ Model

The top 1,000 token holders of $ROAD will get a guaranteed allocation of the IDOs we conduct on Yellow Road. According to the rank of ROAD holding, each wallet will receive a higher allocation for future IDOs.

However, the remaining holders who hold more than 50 ROAD (including) will still get a chance to win an allocation! Yellow Road has a lottery system in place that will randomly select for each IDO the other holders who will get an allocation for holding their tokens. In addition, bigger holders will get the higher allocation, for example:

Holder 50 ROAD < Holder 51 ROAD

Holder 52 ROAD < Holder 53 ROAD

Holder 53 ROAD < Holder 54 ROAD

The team will make several ghost snapshots prior to the IDO dates to ensure the eligibility of the $ROAD token holders for each individual IDO.

To Summarize:

Minimum holding to participate 50 ROAD,

Top 1,000: guaranteed allocation

Validation: Ghost Snapshots

Allocation: as more you hold, your allocation is higher

Win Chances: bigger holder has bigger chances to win

$ROAD LPs’ Holdings to be Counted as Double!

This section of the program is for liquidity providers who provide liquidity with a minimum of 5 BNB coins and the equivalent amount of ROAD tokens.

Liquidity providers will also be included with the same mechanism as token holders but their ROAD liquidity will be counted as double the original holdings. Here’s how:

5 BNB + 200 ROAD will be calculated as 400 ROAD

10 BNB + 400 ROAD will be calculated as 800 ROAD

50 BNB + 2,000 ROAD will be calculated as 4,000 ROAD

This means, with double ROAD, each member can get a higher allocation and even be eligible for the guaranteed allocation.

To confirm the liquidity period of the provided liquidity, Yellow Road will take several ghost snapshots before specific IDOs.

To Summarize:

Minimum liquidity to provide: 5 BNB

ROAD LPs’ total liquidity will be counted as double of original holdings (200 ROAD = 400 ROAD, 400 ROAD = 800 ROAD, etc’)

Validation: Ghost Snapshots.

Allocation: as more you hold, your allocation is higher

Win Chances: bigger holder has bigger chances to win

Yellow Force Unit Model

We recently announced that Yellow Force Unit is the team behind Yellow Road that will take the platform to the next level of growth. These team members will enjoy a guaranteed allocation of future IDOs depending on the contribution they make toward Yellow Road.

Through this, we will connect our community to the core team and inspire them to contribute more toward the platform in exchange for a higher IDO allocation.

For application to our Yellow Force Unit, please fill the form here.

Height Allocation Mechanism

Our developers with the assistance of mathematicians & statisticians have developed a new, innovative, and dynamic algorithm architecture. This provides participants of the IDOs a reasonable allocation based on their model with taking into consideration several risk factors.

We are sure our innovative models will bring transparent and fair participation opportunities to all members of our community and as a result, we are sure that the ROAD token will be widely appreciated by our community.

In the near future, we will announce the first IDO on our platform. So, be prepared, with our models active… And stay tuned!

. . . . . . .

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