Improvements We Seek to Make to Yellow Road After Notes on First IDO

We are ever so grateful to have a community that not only actively participates in discussions around our platform but also believes in the project. Yellow Road proudly conducted its first IDO last Saturday (24.4), and each of the team members was delighted to see the support we received.

However, we also received some constructive criticism and feedback that we eagerly want to implement. We wholeheartedly respect the opinions of our community members, and by implementing the changes suggested by our community, we want to ensure that they get the best out of Yellow Road.

As it is with every new platform, we found certain shortcomings after Yellow Road was first put to use through its first IDO. With the active feedback from our community, we spotted four major points that need clarification and improvement for the services Yellow Road renders. Let’s see what changes we seek to make to the platform.

Upcoming Changes to Yellow Road

1. IDO Model Improvement

We had previously announced our IDO model but after the first IDO, we noticed that it needs one critical change. At present, our IDO Model offers guaranteed allocations to the top 150 $ROAD holders. During the IDO some of these top 150 holders did not participate in the IDO.

This situation made us think that many of our community members watched on the sideline and were eager to take the guaranteed spot.

So, from now on, Yellow Road will offer a guaranteed allocation to the top 1,000 $ROAD token holders, so many of our community members can earn the guaranteed spot. After the top 1,000 holders, Yellow Road will rely on the lottery system to whitelist more investors for the IDOs.

Although we will have more winners, we succeeded in improving the bigger wallet reward mechanism and the fact that we have more winners, will not affect the bigger wallets and the allocation per wallet will be higher.

Example for IDO allocation per wallet:

Apart from that, the IDO model will remain the same:

Minimum 50 $ROAD

Minimum 5 BNB for liquidity providers and $ROAD count double!

To read our IDO model in more detail, please click here (reminder: top 150 $ROAD holders changed to top 1,000)

We think this will be a massive improvement in our IDO model and make the IDOs on Yellow Road more focused on the community. It will allow a larger part of our community to benefit from the high potential IDOs we conduct on the platform. We have always envisioned offering maximum benefits to as big a community as possible, and this will help us move a step further in that direction.

The changes will take effect starting May 1st, 2021, and will be applicable for our 2nd IDO with bRing Finance.

2. Public Round

We know it is not always the case that everyone interested in the IDOs we conduct will hold $ROAD tokens to be eligible for IDO whitelisting. This is why we opened doors to the public round of the IDOs we conduct. The public round allows investors to get a chance to win an IDO allocation even if they do not own $ROAD tokens.

During the first IDO, we noticed that some of our community members did not notice that the token price during the public sale was higher than the IDO. We specifically mentioned that in four places:

1. Main pool screen,

2. Specific pool screen,

3. Swap screen, and

4. Prior to MetaMask confirmation

Yet, we do not blame the participants for not being able to notice that. We take full responsibility, and we will take better care of this for our future IDOs. We will take more steps to make sure the community is aware of the public round price.

Important to highlight that our public round is protected by an anti-bot mechanism and our community members get maximum opportunity to participate in the token sale.

3. Deadlines

The one thing that is the most critical element of Yellow Road is its decentralization. The platform is coded on top of a blockchain network, and it functions with the help of self-executing smart contracts.

Every process that happens on Yellow Road is taken care of by a smart contract. This ensures that the Yellow Road team or any other central entity cannot interfere with the pre-defined process of our IDOs.

This is why it is critical to note that the IDO deadline is also set in the smart contract, and we have no say over it once the contract triggers the deadline. Once the IDO is over, we cannot help participants who missed their slots nor can we compensate them in any way. So, if you are participating in any Yellow Road IDO, please make sure to abide by the deadline.

4. Claiming the Tokens

The team received complaints from some community members that they were not able to claim their IDO tokens. To those participants, we would suggest that during the next IDO, you would want to wait patiently till the transaction window is loading and ensure that your internet connection is stable. If that does not help, you should try reconnecting your wallet and refresh the page. Important to say — there is no limitation for the claim process, so please be patient and do not click several times as it might block your transaction.

If you swap the tokens and can’t claim after the steps above, please feel free to send your wallet address to the admin for double-checking. We are always there to help you and will provide you a solution as soon as we possibly can.

5. Web & Metamask

Several members enquired regarding the required wallet for participating in the IDOs. The team and the admins in the channel repeatedly said it and we’ll say it yet again — our recommendation is Metamask. If you do hold your tokens in other wallets, our IDO model will be relevant for you, but Yellow Road platform is fully integrated with Metamask on the Web.

Please make sure that for the next IDOs, you import your eligible wallet address to Metamask extension in advance to be able to participate in the next IDO.

You can read the guide to import wallet to Metamask Here

The Way Forward

We are all for our community, and we always go the extra mile to make sure we work in the best interest of our community members. As we grow, there are many benefits our dedicated members will get from Yellow Road. For now, we want to conclude by saying that we have a packed schedule for May where we will host IDOs of some of the most amazing crypto projects. So, stay tuned and make sure you are part of one of the fastest-growing IDO platforms.

. . . . . . .

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