Why Does Yellow Road Chose Binance Smart Chain (BSC) As Their Blockchain Infrastructure?

In this article we will try to briefly explain why Yellow Road has chosen BSC as their blockchain infrastructure over the many other layer 1 competitors.

The raise of DeFi since early 2020 has changed the way the crypto users engaging, trading, investing and holding their crypto assets. The huge demand for DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) and the runaway for CEX (Centralized Exchanges) bring significant traffic to the main layer 1 blockchain Ethereum.

No doubt Ethereum has a main role in our crypto day-to-day use, trend and progress, but when it comes to scalability – we noticed a big problem with Gas fees which become a barrier for small, medium and big players in the crypto market.

How come that a small trade in Uniswap cost us more than $100? Are we really going to pay $30 for a transfer? And what about $15 for approving a token?

The above brought us to do a second thought where the market goes and which other layers 1 can be the next big thing for small, medium and big crypto users. So why do we decided to choose BSC over other layers?

Binance becomes with a great solution in two main technologies together:

  • Fast block times

Both solutions remove the barriers in the market and open the gate to hundreds of thousands users whom willing to trade, invest and use Dapps in fast, scalable and low fees.

In addition, developer can also enjoy the EVM-compatible programmability and native cross-chain communication which will bring more developers to the network and build the future of Dapps on BSC.

The blockchain backed, supported and maintained by CZ, the leading Crypto figure which gives the confidence to developers and entrepreneurs to keep building. BSC is EVM compatible and include all Ethereum awesome tools, features and capabilities with a cheaper and faster transactions.

Yellow Road is excited to be able to develop its technology on BSC and be an integral part of BSC development and progress. Along with our partners (to be announced), we are ready to make things much better, in a fair way and bring more investment opportunities to our community.

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