Yellow Road Announces First-Ever IDO on Its Platform — 1 Million NFTs on April 24

Yellow Road is now live for action. We recently announced the mainnet launch of Yellow Road, which marked our first major step in the journey that will have a monumental impact in shaping the future of the blockchain and crypto industry. Now, it’s time for us to go live and bring some real action to the platform.

It is therefore that we are excited to announce the first-ever Yellow Road IDO — 1MillionNFTs. As the name suggests is an NFT-focused project that aims to bring a unique ideology to the NFT and crypto space.

Given the NFT hype, we wanted to offer our community a chance to invest in an NFT-focused project. This is why we chose to be the first project to conduct their IDO on Yellow Road. is a smart contract-based Web3 platform built on BSC and Ethereum blockchain with a 1000x1000 pixels grid. Each pixel is an ERC-721 NFT token with its unique location that users can buy, sell, rent, and paint to create any picture with any link inside. But to paint pixels, they will need to hold BSC or ERC-20 tokens. The project’s native token is 1MLN.

If you are interested in participating in the first-ever IDO on Yellow Road which takes place on April 24, this is your window. You must get yourself whitelisted so as to have a chance to win an allocation of IDO.

Whitelisting Requirements

Every Yellow Road community member will get an equal opportunity to participate in the IDO and win an allocation of the IDO tokens. This is why we have carefully designed with expert consultation a truly fair whitelisting and IDO allocation model.

Below, we have outlined the details of the whitelisting process. You should diligently follow the steps to ensure you get whitelisted for the first IDO on Yellow Road.

Step 1/2: Hold $ROAD token or provide liquidity to PancackeSwap pool for the first Yellow Road IDO. Go to this article page to learn more about our IDO model.

Step 2/2: Complete the tasks as described below:

1. Follow Yellow Road on Twitter

2. Follow on Twitter

3. Find and retweet the pinned tweet on both these Twitter profiles and add the cashtags $ROAD and $1MLN.

4. Join the’s Telegram group for the latest updates.

5. Apply for whitelisting by filling the whitelisting form here.

This is our first IDO and we are extremely thrilled to be bringing the best we can to our community. We are eagerly looking forward to your participation. So go ahead and fulfill the whitelisting requirements and increase your chance of winning an IDO allocation.

We will be back with more latest updates. So, stay tuned.

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