Yellow Road Announces New Staking Pool with 300% APY

The crypto market has once again entered the bearish phase but we are more than confident that things will get back on track sooner than most would expect. During the bear market, there will be many changes in the cryptosphere ranging from reduction in the number of upcoming projects, lowered interest in investment opportunities, and so on.

However, at Yellow Road, we want to make sure that our community keeps getting maximum benefits from our platform irrespective of the market conditions.

This is why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new $ROAD staking pool with a high annual percentage yield (APY) that will continue for the next six months. There is no minimum or maximum staking amount, which means all $ROAD holders will be able to stake as few or as many $ROAD tokens as they want. The most exciting part of the staking pool is that the stakers will earn an APY of 300% on their staked $ROAD.

While the current downtrend may continue for a bit, we are ready to adapt ourselves to the ongoing situation and keep offering maximum benefits to the Yellow Road community. In doing so, we will compensate to some extent the capital our community members and true $ROAD believers have lost in the crypto markets.

Our new staking pool is a promise to our community members, and we will continue to support them in the long run. To get all the updates on Yellow Road, stay tuned.

Start Date: 30.6.21

APY: 300%

Pool Period: 180 days

Open Days: 10 days to our community till the pool ends

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