Yellow Road Announces The First Presale Project DNFT Protocol

We are thrilled to announce that after several considerations and updates to our presale plans, we are finally ready to get things rolling. This is why we are excited to announce that DNFT Protocol will be the first project to conduct its presale on Yellow Road.

DNFT Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain NFT network based on Binance and Polkadot. DNFT is a cross-chain decentralized NFT asset network based on Substrate, dedicated to building a new generation of cross-chain NFT protocol, decentralized NFT, infrastructure for gaming Dapps, and development kit for big data and AI.

The project has well-known investors and partners including LD Capita, Candaq Fintech Group, Water Drip Capital, Mantra DAO, Win Capital, CatcherVC, Zonff Partners, Collinstar Capital, 7 Star Capital, BlockFocus, 7 O’Clock Capital, InnCube Crypto Capital, ChainUp Capital, Worshipper Capital, Nexus Capital, GD Capital, 1PAR, Scorpio VC, Smart Chain Capital and more….

Below are the details for the fundraising rounds conducted in Yellow Road:

Private sale: $60,000

Yellow Road Private Sale price: $0.6

IDO Price: $0.8 (Yellow Road price cheaper by 33%)

Total Supply: 100,000,000

TGE: 50% at the listing day

Vesting: 50% after 1 month

Listing: 1.7.21

DNFT Protocol Social:







Who Eligible For The Sale?

Yellow Road team sees the new additional allocation model as a huge success. However, as with any new change, things need to be more accurate and improved in order to provide the perfect model to our community.

With DNFT Protocol Presale, Yellow Road intends to give Additional Allocation once again but this time, will take into account 2 previous IDOs (Nabox & MoonFarm).

Whitelist Registration:

Allocation Model:

Top 1,000 holder — Guaranteed Allocation

Minimum holding 50 ROAD in order to enter the lottery system

LPs count as double ROAD!

Staking count as regular

Nabox & MoonFarm Participants:

Will be taken into account with the allocation and enjoy the higher weight of the total DNFT Protocol Presale.

Yellow Road team is obligated to our community and will do the utmost with providing the best deals in each IDO. We believe the DNFT Protocol deal is unique in its vesting structure, experienced team, and backed by top market leaders.

We are really excited to see your active participation in the first presale of Yellow Road and the many more to come in the future.

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